Windows Phone 8 Apollo Update: To Infinity and Beyond!

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To Infinity and Beyond!



Microsoft sure is intent to be the next big player in mobile phone operating system.  After the highly successful Windows Phone 7, the awe-inspiring windows Phone 7.5 Mango, the company is slowly but surely teasing the smartphone community with what could be their most powerful OS update,  the much anticipated, often talked about Windows Phone 8: Apollo.


Here are just some of the confirmed features:

  • Skype integration right into the dialler
  • NFC support with beam-like file transfers and Wallet-like payments
  • Multi-core processor support
  • Support for four newer (and presumably higher) screen resolutions
  • Removable storage (microSD) support
  • Shared kernel components with Windows 8, enabling easy app portability
  • Sync support deeply integrated into Windows 8 rather than Zune
  • Skydrive-based cloud syncing of Music similar to Google Music
  • Better camera interface for app developers to build on
  • DataSmart for smart control and management of data usage
  • Opera Mini-like server-side compression in Internet Explorer 10 for reducing data usage
  • 128-bit Native BitLocker encryption
With these impressive feature, Microsoft will now be able to comfortably and competently go head-to-head with leading OS platforms, Android and even iOS.  This could level the playing field for Microsoft and potentially, Nokia and finally even the odds for both companies in terms of survival and longetivity.   Of course, implementation is still key and that is something we will be looking forward to until its release.



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